Sunday, March 28, 2010

more sadness.

If you can help with this situation, please, please do...

We urgently seek help for a lovely long-haired, spayed and declawed brown tabby named Moonrise, who is completely blind in both eyes. She is a pet we are rehoming, and she suffered an injury before coming to us. The scar material was and remains obvious. She also, we are told, contracted rhino and calicivirus, two upper-respiratory viruses, that seem to have remained untreated, and the infection spread to her eyes. Both eyeballs have completely popped out, and the agony this sweet cat went through must have been of long duration and excruciating.

We seek funds to take her to a vet who deals in ophthalmology so that the exposed tissue where the eyeballs should be can be covered so at least she is not vulnerable to further infection and pain. Sadly, there is nothing more anyone can do. She has blinded for life, and the tragedy is that this was all so easily preventable.

Donations can be made via cheque or PayPal. There is a PayPal button in the “Help Out” tab of our website. Donors will be sent before and after pictures, once she has had the surgery she requires. Please contact us at 514-684-4810, visit our website at or email us at

Moonrise is now is a loving foster home where she gets lots of attention, good nutrition, and leads a relatively stress-free life. Nothing can restore her sight, but we want the highest quality of life possible for her. She purrs and cuddles constantly, and is extremely affectionate. We seek a permanent home for her, as well as donations toward the veterinary treatment that, had she had before coming to us, could easily have prevented the suffering and lasting consequences.

We see a lot of sadness in cat rescue, but before you look at the photos, be aware that nothing can quite prepare you for this.

Please be aware, I am still tattooing at a hugely discounted price, to try and raise more funds for both floyd and 3 local rescue groups.

Please email me at if you would like to get tattooed, or need more information.

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