Sunday, March 28, 2010

more sadness.

If you can help with this situation, please, please do...

We urgently seek help for a lovely long-haired, spayed and declawed brown tabby named Moonrise, who is completely blind in both eyes. She is a pet we are rehoming, and she suffered an injury before coming to us. The scar material was and remains obvious. She also, we are told, contracted rhino and calicivirus, two upper-respiratory viruses, that seem to have remained untreated, and the infection spread to her eyes. Both eyeballs have completely popped out, and the agony this sweet cat went through must have been of long duration and excruciating.

We seek funds to take her to a vet who deals in ophthalmology so that the exposed tissue where the eyeballs should be can be covered so at least she is not vulnerable to further infection and pain. Sadly, there is nothing more anyone can do. She has blinded for life, and the tragedy is that this was all so easily preventable.

Donations can be made via cheque or PayPal. There is a PayPal button in the “Help Out” tab of our website. Donors will be sent before and after pictures, once she has had the surgery she requires. Please contact us at 514-684-4810, visit our website at or email us at

Moonrise is now is a loving foster home where she gets lots of attention, good nutrition, and leads a relatively stress-free life. Nothing can restore her sight, but we want the highest quality of life possible for her. She purrs and cuddles constantly, and is extremely affectionate. We seek a permanent home for her, as well as donations toward the veterinary treatment that, had she had before coming to us, could easily have prevented the suffering and lasting consequences.

We see a lot of sadness in cat rescue, but before you look at the photos, be aware that nothing can quite prepare you for this.

Please be aware, I am still tattooing at a hugely discounted price, to try and raise more funds for both floyd and 3 local rescue groups.

Please email me at if you would like to get tattooed, or need more information.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

my roomie spoke to the regime de logement and his lawyer friend and it turns out were doing nothing wrong, and therefore cannot be evicted. so i will not be moving as quickly as i thought i might have to. thank goodness. but who knows, maybe ill find something worth moving for.. you know. thats actually soundproofed.

had yet another supply order screw up/shortage and im stuck putting appointments on hold again. truthfully the break of not working 80 hours for a minute or two, will be ridiculously welcomed.

ive started watching documentaries more than anything else when im sitting on the couch, so i feel like im doing something when im still just trying to relax. i just watched one on werewolves and now im watching one on waco. and then im going to watch one on bible salesmen.

im also going to eat some cake, drink some tea, and do a bunch of drawing.

floyd and i had a photoshoot on my couch today.

omg stop moving.


and no. i really dont need those glasses to see. i think they just trick me into thinking i dont need to put makeup on.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ho hum

training for my new job has been a lot of fun, and ive met some uber nice peoples.

im doing billing support for the interwebs.

and looking for a new apartment...

my room mate and i have found ourselves in a bit of a pickle, with our upstairs neighbour complaining about absolutely everything. shes started complaining about there being noise in the apartment during the day (i guess referring to when i am tattooing). i have no idea why she thinks she can be at home all day, and i cant. my room mate and i havent bothered hooking up our television, because we know shell just say its too loud.

the landlord is threatening to kick us out, because they are friends with her, and would rather not lose her as a tenant, though we know we are not remotely loud or noisy people, and have done absolutely nothing wrong.

we love this apartment but have no idea if we can bother with constantly being harassed.

i guess while we decide what to do.. im looking for an apartment for floyd, bronson and i. if you know of any pet friendly apartments available in montreal, please let me know. im flexible with location, and for the right apartment.. i am flexible with my budget. im not having an amazing amount of luck with craigslist...

but please email me if you hear or know of anything.

i have still yet to get my schedule at work, so i am still having to pause on rescheduling appointments.. but i really havent forgotten about you. please feel free to email or call me to remind me youre still waiting!! and thank you for being so patient.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

usually when floyd climbs onto the couch or my bed, he farts. he pauses for a moment and always looks at me.. but i am not sure if it's to say, "what was that!?" or "yeah, so?".

i wish i had a video of the nest he just built in my bed. ive probably spent the past 20 minutes, just sitting here, staring at (and smelling) him.. wondering what hes going to do next.

im pretty sure from the minute i first saw him peeing in the middle of the living room floor at his foster home, that he was the worst and best idea i ever had.

i love you very much, floyd frankenweenie.

what a week

EEEEEE! Look what I got to do today!

This has been a pretty nutty week. I will summarize it by saying it included 2 suicides, a miscarriage and 2 "natural" deaths. I am pretty beat, and have been having a hard time keeping up with the PMA.. but, in the same breath some pretty wonderful things have happened too. I start a new job tomorrow, that should still allow me time to tattoo until I go back to the shop in May. I think it may be the only way to get rent and Floyd's bills paid off in a timely manner. Oh, and clearly I have gotten to do some swell tattoos.

So here's what I have sent out on facebook (as many of you, like my mom are not on facebook.. thank heavens):

It is with both sadness and excitement that I must tell you all the, CHEAP TATTOOS FOR FLOYD has come to an end. However! This does not mean that you are unable to get a tattoo for an excellent price.

I found myself needing to get a second job, and was lucky enough to find one! However, I start monday and the annoying business of canceling / rescheduling appointments is about to begin.

If you already have an appointment with me, I will do my best to get you rescheduled asap! If you have yet to hear from me, please call 514 625 7709 or email me at PLEASE DONT MSG ME ON FACEBOOK! As facebook will only let me reply to so many emails a day, before it locks me out for spamming.

However, if you currently do not have an appointment and are still looking to get tattooed by me, you will have 1 of 2 options:

1) Book an appointment with me at my shop, Studio Tatouage West at the corner of Boul. St Laurent and Roy. ( ) If you would like to do so, send me an email ( ) and I will email you a coupon for $20 off your tattoo. If you refer a friend who books an appointment, I will instead give you a coupon for $25 off of my hourly rate. I have been incredibly overwhelmed by the support I have gotten from people wanting to help Floyd and I, so I figure it is the least I can do... to try and help as many people as I can get tattooed.

2) I will have very very very few times available during April, between the hours of 11am and 3pm. You can still get tattooed in my home, at a rate of $65/hr ( almost half my regular hourly rate ). However, I do not expect these spots to last, so your best bet is to contact me for an appointment at my shop.

Also, if you have already been tattooed by me during this fundraiser, and would like to again at my shop, please let me know and I will be happy to give you $25 off my hourly as a thank you.

Thank you so much for your love and support with helping get Floyd's bills paid. Although we haven't quite made it yet, I know by the time May rolls around, we will have!! And there is no way I could have done that without your help. It has meant so much to me, that you've been interested in my cause, and following us along the way. I am still attempting to make another $1500 to cover Floyd's bills, and be able to fork out a huge donation to eleven eleven rescue, penny's puppy paws and cause 4 paws.

I really hope you all keep in touch! Thanks for all the patience and understanding!

Much love,

Lauren & Floyd

So that is what is going on there. If you already have an appointment with me, please don't worry, the minimum $30 donation will still apply, but please remember that just covers my supply costs.

In Floyd related updates.. he has been absolutely off the wall today. And is napping really hard. I do believe we are lucky enough to be tattooing the vet tech's boyfriend that initially admitted Floyd at the vet's office, and she will be coming along to take Floyd's stitches out here at home! Although, I am still not sure if he has even bothered to notice he has them yet..

Can anyone tell me why my dog always hang out on the couch like this?

Please ignore the rug he was earlier rolling around on. But all the time.. he just hangs out half on and half off. Weirdo.
oops. think he heard me call him that...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

needs another session to finish the colour.
elliott smith.
cutsey wutsey clouds that need some colourrrrrr
oh sheeeeit!


well since blogspot, wont let me finish typing my last post, ill just carry on over here. in a vote of 1-0 (because i spend all my time alone, taking photos of dogs, indeed living up to the idea that i will one day be a crazy person, with 98 animals in a 1 bedroom at the corner of jane and finch)
cuca, the challenger won. mostly cuz i think floyd just gave up and went to sleep.

im back! back in the new york groove..

or. still in montreal..

it's been a shit week. 3 deaths and a shortage of redbull. after placing another supply order yesterday, i realized i have to take a 2nd job, at least until june, and then i can reevaluate if i still have a clientele willing to pay $100+/hr to get tattooed by me. plus, things have been so crazy with my 248 unread messages, my new job may just been a welcomed break!

in floyd related news, hes still crazy! and getting better by the day. his breathing is almost somewhat normal. i have no idea why this week our backyard became the regular hangout for all the neighbourhood cats.. but i counted 5 out there, the other day. the dogs arent quite sure what to make of it.

ufc 113 took place in my living room, the other night.



can i has a water, plz?

keep it a clean fight, kids.

Friday, March 19, 2010

holy hiatus batman

i was going to give you all a much needed update... but i think im in need of a much needed nap, firstly.....

Monday, March 15, 2010

having a bit of a sad day today, even after waking up under a pile of dogs. my birthday was quiet, which was nice. but i came home to an email from the landlord saying the neighbours are wondering when our dog training will stop, and that there have been noise complaints from the neighbour upstairs, about their being noise coming from my apartment during the day.....? I am just not sure how to make that lady happy.

my great aunt dolly died last night, and as usual in these situations, i am not home to be with my family. sad business.

and what is also breaking my heart, is this story:

4000$, 12 screws, 1 fourteen inch plate, a bunch of wires, 4 veterinary technicians, 2 surgeons, and over 4 hours later.. Charlie's leg was able to be saved.

... out moto is, we will see our rescues through thick and thin, through everything that may come their way. Once we take them into the rescue, they are our responsibility and we will fight teeth an nails for them until the very end. Well.. Charlie certainly took us for the whole 8 yards on this one..

Charlie went into surgery today at around 2pm.. and got out of surgery at 6:30pm. The extent of the injuries was one of the worst the specialist has ever seen, and the worst he has operated on successfully. Charlie was under anesthesia for over 4 hours. The surgery was long, and gruelling, Dr. Auger is the number one orthopaedic specialist in Montréal. If he could not do it, no one could. At times he felt like it was mission impossible and complempated just amputating, but had already gone so far and done so much work, so he pushed forward. It was a puzzle in there, with missing pieces and the pieces that were there just did not seem to fit. He has eleven screws, many wires and one 14 inch plate holding everything together. At least he is bullet proof now (or i hope so), i don't even want to think about trying to get him through airport security. Apparently he will be sensitive to cold in that leg now, go figure? At least the mission impossible was accomplished, and Charlie's leg is there to stay. Amputating it would have been about 300-600$ for us, but we just did not find it ethical to remove a leg that had the potential to be repaired and functioning again (call us crazy).

We were there from 5:30 pm to 8:30, amd went to go see him in the Intensice Care Unit at around 8:00pm before we left. He was totally out of it, completely un responsive. A combination of the anethsia he had been under, his epidural and iv drip fentanly/Metetomadine. Lets just say Charlie is seeing stars right now, and no longer in pain. He was in so much pain last night he was going into shock when he arrived.

His pre-op blood came back pretty normal, so we are not worried about any other damage. Just elevated liver enzymes which is normal with the fact that he was going into shock and muscle damage.

However the hardest part is not over yet he now has 8 weeks cage rest, many check ups, and not to mention physiotherapy. Expected recovery time is at least 3 months. Charlie has already been for adoption with us for seven months.

It is estimated he was hit at about 70 to 120km and hour, also tire marks that curve off the high way over a skunk (Charlie was probably investigating - which is second by his sunk reek) indicate that he was probably targeted by some sick, sick people. The fact that he was hit in the rear and not head on also seconds that. Oh and the tire marks on his back indicate he was fully run over, and is lucky to even be alive.

On another note i can not tell you how many times we were told today "He is such a good dog!!" by the surgeon himself Dr. Auger and every tech that had the pleasure of meeting with him. Even while in x-rays and in such pain he was going into shock.. he still did not even come close to trying to snap at anyone, all licks and tail wags. I can not say for myself i would be that patient if i was in that amount of pain.

Alas once again here we are.. any donation is sincerely appreciated and no donation is too small. We honestly are so grateful for each of your support, we can not even stress that enough.

The eleveneleven furball is on thursday at divan orange. I will be in attendance to bring them a donation, to help Charlie. It won't be much right now, but with so many tattoos coming up, I don't really know how I cannot give them all I can right now! If you're on the plateau, you should come help them out! They will also be doing a doggy spa day coming up later this month in westmount. I will post more details soon, or everything is on their website!

In other news that is slightly less depressing, my mom sent me pictures of her cats (and my little brothers), pulling a cuca and floyd on the couch.

that's ben on the left and magellan on the right. i swear you will never meet 2 cats with more personality. ben is a british blue and jelly is a burmilla (burmese and persian cross). i miss them oodles.

so many awesome tattoos i have been doing! i got started on a group of montreal hardcore kids yesterday that run a zine, blog, bands... countless other music related things:

i really need to get a camera, one of these days.

Floyd gets his stitches out tomorrow! and hopefully i will be told he is well on his way to recovery! xoxox

Friday, March 12, 2010

penny's paws

Hello Everyone,
I am writing to you all to ask for some help, We are at the moment overloaded with dogs and have more coming in, I need some help placing these guys. If you know someone who is interested in adopting please have them rescue a dog. All of our dog can be viewed at if they see someone they like have them fill out the adoption application and we will get back to them as soon as possible.
Thank you all

This is how they always sleep now. It's pretty cute. Floyd seems to be limping a bit today.. or at least seems very stiff. We have to go get his stitches out soon, so if it is yet to clear in the next day or so, I will have him checked out for that, and possibly more xrays on his chest, as his breathing has still not returned to normal, as we had hoped it would. But it certainly doesn't sound any worse!

Here's a couple of tattoos from the week:
We still have to colour this guy:

It's been my birthday for 2:19 hours. I hope I can just sleep through the rest of it, I'm pooped!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


mylo on caro

201 new emails in my inbox this morning! nuts nuts nuts. Taking Floyd back to the vet tomorrow, as he seems to have stalled in his better getting. I would like new Xrays taken of his thorax, to see just what's going on, if it actually has gotten any better. Here's some tidbits of our day:

Have a bunch of new pics of Floyd I still need to upload..

I am co- curating a huge art show in June that the invites had to go out for today (phew) and I still have all those emails!!!!!

I start tattooing at noon tomorrow, and am pretty much booked until the middle of april, 7 days a week. It's going to be a long month, mom.

A small donation was made on behalf of THE FRIENDS OF FLOYD to Cause 4 Paws today, to help out another littler furball in need:

Cause 4 Paws Feline Rescue seeks help to fund diagnostic X-rays for little Virginia Woolf, kitten of Anais (Nin), a sweet little calico kitten with orange onher paws. She has respiratory problems, and apparently rhinovirus, although it has not responded to any of the antibiotics our vet has tried, including Doxyclicin. That is why we appeal for help. Rhinotracheitis may not be the cause of her respiratory distress. Ginny suffers spasmodic sneezing and coughing fits that are uncontrollable, as well as deep congestion and severe secretions.

She has been combo-tested for FIV (feline immodificienty virus, the cause of AIDS in cats) and feline leukemia, and is negative for both. We also seek funding for Ginny’s spay. She is fully vaccinated, and otherwise healthy.

She has the love of her foster home, a woman who because of a horrible reversal of fortune is working overnight cleaning toilets at Wal-Mart to stay off welfare. She cannot afford the vet work Ginny needs, but will give Ginny her loving forever home. This woman has, in her own words, never bonded with a cat like she has with Ginny, who was born in her apartment.

Cause 4 Paws wants to make it possible for this woman to keep Ginny. We also want Ginny to have the full, healthy and happy live that all creatures deserve.

As an organization, Cause 4 Paws cannot afford this right now because we are swamped with calls about litters of kittens’ born outside and pregnant mother cats that need our help. Our short, mild winter has resulted in earlier than usual heats and litters, especially for outside feral or stray cats. We are overextended, and will of course accept donations for this cause as well.

To help us, donations can be made directly via your PayPal account on our website at under the Help Us tab. We can be contacted directly at 514-684-4810 or

If you are more comfortable, donations can be made directly to our vet Sources Animal Hospital, 4741 des Sources, Roxboro, QC, 514-684-5443.

I am confident, that through all this tattooing (and from the support of some untattooed friends!) that Floyd's bills will be looked after, so any extra I have should be going to help others in need, since I have been so, so lucky to have gained so much interest in my cause. I couldn't send much to help Ginny right now, but I hope to send more by the end of this upcoming week.

Again, please forgive me on my inability to get to all my emails each day! I am enlisting the help of a friend to try and get through them more quickly, as I am not going to be doing much more than tattooing and sleeping from here on in.. and I can't wait!

speaking of sleep.. ZzZzZZZzzZZzz..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Please keep your eyes peeled!

Half way!

It has occurred to me, that I have been using a lot of exclamation points lately... Because I have just been so excited. We raised about $100 last night, which puts me just over half way to my goal of $3000. I will be back again next week, DJing for Floyd.. It really was a lot of fun.

I can't believe how swamped I have been, and am having a hard time keeping up on emails, so I really am sorry if it takes me awhile to get back to you.. I am trying my bestest, though! But it's nice knowing I am so busy, because so many people want to help.

I was creepin' on my friend's blog today.. and stumbled upon:

It's her boyfriend spooning my dog! She often looks after Floyd when I am out of town, but she had never shown me this pic, before. Precious. And now I will have to add dry cleaning to my list of bills, since Floyd is full of COOTiES.

Floyd took his first 2 deep breaths yesterday, and I swear you'd have thought my child had taken it's first 2 steps or something, the way I was bouncing off the walls. He almost started snoring instead of wheezing last night too, so I have been pretty thrilled. I think we could be almost out of the woods, with my real life frankenweenie!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

eleven eleven!

I have been getting a number of messages from people that found me through ElevenEleven 's page on facebook. They are a wonderful organization, specializing in rehoming animals that are in line to be euthanized. If you have a minute, please take a look at their website and adoptables!

They also have a Furball coming up on March 18th at Divan Orange. I will for sure be in attendance, and hope to see you there! More details can be found on their website.

I have also been getting so many messages, its been overwhelming to me and apparently facebook! Apparently I either type too fast, or reply to too many messages, because I have apparently starting meeting daily limits, which are preventing me from answering too many emails (although, the forced break leaves me with time for blog updates).

I'm also beginning to think these captchas are rigged...

This morning, Floyd woke me, by trying to scoop my face off with his cone.. clearly unimpressed I was still sleeping, when he was ready for his brekkie. I started feeding him some frozen raw patties (I will have to look up the brand). It isn't proving to be much more expensive than feeding him Orijen, and I can't believe how quickly he inhales the stuff, and! it is super easy to hide his pills in.

He has been super itchy today, and full of beans, I'm guessing because his scabs are all beginning to try up and fall off, but his breathing seems to be staying the same. He seems to have longer bursts of energy throughout the day, so I am wary of putting him through the stress of getting poked, to help relieve his pneumothorax. I just don't know what's best!

I did get to do some really cool pet oriented tattoos, today.

(pardon the terrible camera phone images)

Those were my last 2 needles.. So here is hoping Fed Ex doesn't drop the ball tomorrow, and I get my supplies!

Many apologies to all those I have had to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances.. vet trips, lack of needles, and double bookings! I very much appreciate your time, effort, support and patience.

And my apologies to all those peeps on facebook, that I can't currently respond to. It may just take me a couple of days to get to you, but please know I will!


You have helped me raise just over $1000 now.. and that has been in less than a week. I really, truly, cannot believe how much love you all have for a silly 4 legged mutt and his human.. and I haven't even met most of you!


Floyd and Busy Bee.