Thursday, March 4, 2010


Floyd woke up, perkier than he has been, his breathing still short.. but far less wheezy. He is chewing on a bone right now.. which is wonderful, since he has spent so much time just wandering aimlessly, and staring at walls as of late. He has tried once or twice to play with Cuca, but I sadly had to put a stop to that, so Floyd doesn't further injure himself.

It finally is beginning to really feel like spring, but Floyd still doesn't seem to have much interest in going out, unless it's for a quick pee. He does seem to be enjoying the sunshine, though!

Still waiting to hear from the specialist (I hadn't expected it would take this long!) but today really does seem to feel like Floyd is on the mend.

I start my first of my tattoos today, and I am pretty excited! I will give you a continued update later tonight.

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