Thursday, March 25, 2010

ho hum

training for my new job has been a lot of fun, and ive met some uber nice peoples.

im doing billing support for the interwebs.

and looking for a new apartment...

my room mate and i have found ourselves in a bit of a pickle, with our upstairs neighbour complaining about absolutely everything. shes started complaining about there being noise in the apartment during the day (i guess referring to when i am tattooing). i have no idea why she thinks she can be at home all day, and i cant. my room mate and i havent bothered hooking up our television, because we know shell just say its too loud.

the landlord is threatening to kick us out, because they are friends with her, and would rather not lose her as a tenant, though we know we are not remotely loud or noisy people, and have done absolutely nothing wrong.

we love this apartment but have no idea if we can bother with constantly being harassed.

i guess while we decide what to do.. im looking for an apartment for floyd, bronson and i. if you know of any pet friendly apartments available in montreal, please let me know. im flexible with location, and for the right apartment.. i am flexible with my budget. im not having an amazing amount of luck with craigslist...

but please email me if you hear or know of anything.

i have still yet to get my schedule at work, so i am still having to pause on rescheduling appointments.. but i really havent forgotten about you. please feel free to email or call me to remind me youre still waiting!! and thank you for being so patient.


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