Sunday, March 7, 2010

eleven eleven!

I have been getting a number of messages from people that found me through ElevenEleven 's page on facebook. They are a wonderful organization, specializing in rehoming animals that are in line to be euthanized. If you have a minute, please take a look at their website and adoptables!

They also have a Furball coming up on March 18th at Divan Orange. I will for sure be in attendance, and hope to see you there! More details can be found on their website.

I have also been getting so many messages, its been overwhelming to me and apparently facebook! Apparently I either type too fast, or reply to too many messages, because I have apparently starting meeting daily limits, which are preventing me from answering too many emails (although, the forced break leaves me with time for blog updates).

I'm also beginning to think these captchas are rigged...

This morning, Floyd woke me, by trying to scoop my face off with his cone.. clearly unimpressed I was still sleeping, when he was ready for his brekkie. I started feeding him some frozen raw patties (I will have to look up the brand). It isn't proving to be much more expensive than feeding him Orijen, and I can't believe how quickly he inhales the stuff, and! it is super easy to hide his pills in.

He has been super itchy today, and full of beans, I'm guessing because his scabs are all beginning to try up and fall off, but his breathing seems to be staying the same. He seems to have longer bursts of energy throughout the day, so I am wary of putting him through the stress of getting poked, to help relieve his pneumothorax. I just don't know what's best!

I did get to do some really cool pet oriented tattoos, today.

(pardon the terrible camera phone images)

Those were my last 2 needles.. So here is hoping Fed Ex doesn't drop the ball tomorrow, and I get my supplies!

Many apologies to all those I have had to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances.. vet trips, lack of needles, and double bookings! I very much appreciate your time, effort, support and patience.

And my apologies to all those peeps on facebook, that I can't currently respond to. It may just take me a couple of days to get to you, but please know I will!


You have helped me raise just over $1000 now.. and that has been in less than a week. I really, truly, cannot believe how much love you all have for a silly 4 legged mutt and his human.. and I haven't even met most of you!


Floyd and Busy Bee.

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  1. Our pleasure Lauren, like i said you and Floyd are a role model. If only more people had the same dedication to their pets!