Saturday, March 27, 2010

my roomie spoke to the regime de logement and his lawyer friend and it turns out were doing nothing wrong, and therefore cannot be evicted. so i will not be moving as quickly as i thought i might have to. thank goodness. but who knows, maybe ill find something worth moving for.. you know. thats actually soundproofed.

had yet another supply order screw up/shortage and im stuck putting appointments on hold again. truthfully the break of not working 80 hours for a minute or two, will be ridiculously welcomed.

ive started watching documentaries more than anything else when im sitting on the couch, so i feel like im doing something when im still just trying to relax. i just watched one on werewolves and now im watching one on waco. and then im going to watch one on bible salesmen.

im also going to eat some cake, drink some tea, and do a bunch of drawing.

floyd and i had a photoshoot on my couch today.

omg stop moving.


and no. i really dont need those glasses to see. i think they just trick me into thinking i dont need to put makeup on.

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