Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday I started a facebook event that reads:

On Monday March 1, Floyd Frankenweenie escaped from my yard and went on a ridiculous adventure with his partner in crime, Cuca.

Within 20 minutes, the dogs were over a mile away, having crossed Papineau, Mont Royal and countless other streets, before Floyd was eventually hit by an ambulance at St. Joseph and Cartier.

Floyd is still under going more tests and surgeries, and is set to see a specialist this week as it looks like his condition is worse than initially anticipated.

Sadly, I am in a pretty dismal state financially (as SO many are right now), as my tattoo shop has just closed for several months, and I have yet to find a second job in the now 6 months I have been in Montreal. In an effort to help cover the costs of Floyd's care (which has already reached an excess of $2000), I will be offering cheap tattoos all month! For a minimum donation of $30, you can get the tattoo of your liking!

Please shoot me an email if you would like to have something done, or if you have a potential job for me. I will do just about anything at this point, and have experience in many different fields.

Pass this along to your friends, and thanks for all the love, help and support!!!!!!!!!! The strength you guys have given me, is really incredible. My thanks will never convey my full gratitude.

Please contact me at 514 625 7709 or via facebook.

Donations can be made thru paypal or interac online money transfer to
100% of the funds I raise will go directly to vet bills

For more examples of some of the tattoos I have done:


Here's how it works:

minimum $30 donation gets you a tattoo. I don't care what size, how long it takes.. I am leaving it up to you and your budget to donate what you can afford.

About $20 of that covers the cost of my equipment and sterilization, with the rest going all to Floyd.

Once Floyd's bills are paid, I will be returning to regular pricing. However, if I still have appointments scheduled (after getting his bills paid), that specifically pertain to Floyd fundraising, I will give the money from those tattoos to an animal rescue organization.

Pretty straight forward. Figured I might garner some interest from my friends and a few of their friends.. But I never expected what has ACTUALLY happened. In 24 hours, 5500 people have been invited to this event. FIFTY FIVE HUNDRED! Now that isn't to say I am doing 5500 tattoos, or even that 5500 people have even read the event.. But it does mean that this event has been sent to friends.. friends of friends.. friends of friends of friends.. and friends of friends of friends of friends!!! And I am so honoured and touched that that many friends, and friends of friends of friends, would be concerned enough about Floyd, to try and get him help. I am totally dumbfounded.

I always knew I had the sweetest, most loving dog on the planet.. but apparently people that don't even know the guy, also know this! I am.. I am spending a lot of time crying today, just from the outpouring of love and support. I can't even explain how much all of this is keeping me positive for Floyd's sake, and pushing me forward, as I had really begun to feel like I was at the lowest point in my life (I shan't bore you with the tales of woe of the little, black rain cloud that has been following me around these past months), and I am determined to do as many tattoos as it takes, to get everyone on that event list satisfied.

So please. If you can pass the word out, that I am a girl with a dog and we are both in need... I promise I will not let you down. We will see that Floyd Frankenweenie gets better, and that I am able to give a donation to some great rescue organization, not unlike the one I received my dear Floyd from.

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