Thursday, March 4, 2010

and back to the vet we go

Spoke with the vet today, as she had received the report back from the radiologist. Looks like Floyd does indeed have pulmonary contusions, and his pneumothorax is either worse than they had thought, worsened or is worsening. tomorrow we are going to go and have the air from his chest, evacuated. Or at least try to, as she was unsure if they had the equipment on hand.

He seemed so perky this morning, but maybe it was just his drugs. I don't think he has regressed at all, but he very quickly, this afternoon, returned to his regular patterns from yesterday.

Floyd is in good spirits, though. Here he is, trying to read his blog with our room mate, Tchandro.

As you can see, he is terribly bored with it.

In other news! Our good friends at the Blue Dog Motel, are having me DJ next week at
There is no cover. Cheap beers and rail. Awesome DJs!
Next Tuesday, Trevor (your weekly host) will have a collection bucket for Floyd, and I will be spinning a bunch of soul and motown, so bring your dancing shoes!

If you live in the Montreal area, I would love if you would come by so I can meet you in person, and offer my deepest thanks for your support. Plus, I am going to bring a pile of baking with me, for you all to nibble on.

I still have lots of availability for tattoos, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in getting something done.

Paws crossed for the vet tomorrow, we hope it's the last time we have to go for a very long while!

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