Thursday, March 11, 2010


mylo on caro

201 new emails in my inbox this morning! nuts nuts nuts. Taking Floyd back to the vet tomorrow, as he seems to have stalled in his better getting. I would like new Xrays taken of his thorax, to see just what's going on, if it actually has gotten any better. Here's some tidbits of our day:

Have a bunch of new pics of Floyd I still need to upload..

I am co- curating a huge art show in June that the invites had to go out for today (phew) and I still have all those emails!!!!!

I start tattooing at noon tomorrow, and am pretty much booked until the middle of april, 7 days a week. It's going to be a long month, mom.

A small donation was made on behalf of THE FRIENDS OF FLOYD to Cause 4 Paws today, to help out another littler furball in need:

Cause 4 Paws Feline Rescue seeks help to fund diagnostic X-rays for little Virginia Woolf, kitten of Anais (Nin), a sweet little calico kitten with orange onher paws. She has respiratory problems, and apparently rhinovirus, although it has not responded to any of the antibiotics our vet has tried, including Doxyclicin. That is why we appeal for help. Rhinotracheitis may not be the cause of her respiratory distress. Ginny suffers spasmodic sneezing and coughing fits that are uncontrollable, as well as deep congestion and severe secretions.

She has been combo-tested for FIV (feline immodificienty virus, the cause of AIDS in cats) and feline leukemia, and is negative for both. We also seek funding for Ginny’s spay. She is fully vaccinated, and otherwise healthy.

She has the love of her foster home, a woman who because of a horrible reversal of fortune is working overnight cleaning toilets at Wal-Mart to stay off welfare. She cannot afford the vet work Ginny needs, but will give Ginny her loving forever home. This woman has, in her own words, never bonded with a cat like she has with Ginny, who was born in her apartment.

Cause 4 Paws wants to make it possible for this woman to keep Ginny. We also want Ginny to have the full, healthy and happy live that all creatures deserve.

As an organization, Cause 4 Paws cannot afford this right now because we are swamped with calls about litters of kittens’ born outside and pregnant mother cats that need our help. Our short, mild winter has resulted in earlier than usual heats and litters, especially for outside feral or stray cats. We are overextended, and will of course accept donations for this cause as well.

To help us, donations can be made directly via your PayPal account on our website at under the Help Us tab. We can be contacted directly at 514-684-4810 or

If you are more comfortable, donations can be made directly to our vet Sources Animal Hospital, 4741 des Sources, Roxboro, QC, 514-684-5443.

I am confident, that through all this tattooing (and from the support of some untattooed friends!) that Floyd's bills will be looked after, so any extra I have should be going to help others in need, since I have been so, so lucky to have gained so much interest in my cause. I couldn't send much to help Ginny right now, but I hope to send more by the end of this upcoming week.

Again, please forgive me on my inability to get to all my emails each day! I am enlisting the help of a friend to try and get through them more quickly, as I am not going to be doing much more than tattooing and sleeping from here on in.. and I can't wait!

speaking of sleep.. ZzZzZZZzzZZzz..

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