Friday, March 5, 2010


I am a bit overwhelmed with the amazing response I am getting from these tattoos, and the awesome people I am meeting. I have some tattoo appointments coming up that I am really really excited about. The silver lining to Floyd's accident has for sure been this.. Meeting rad people, and doing cool tattoos.

Sadly, Fed Ex is a useless company, and my door bell was never rang when they supposedly tried to deliver my ordered supplies today, but I never heard the bell, and won't return until Monday. So I am stuck having to reschedule the majority of my appointments this weekend. I knew everything was just going too smoothly! But everyone has been really understanding.. even the groups from Ottawa don't seem too put out. I really couldn't ask for better people to be tattooing.. You're all my new extended family!

The vet and I talked about what to do with Floyd, and we had 2 options. We do this procedure where the air is evacuated from his thoracic cavity, or we wait a few more days and see. I sort of wanted the procedure done sooner than later, but she explained to me that although not heavily invasive procedure, it is one more thing that will give stress to Floyd, and may not necessarily offer all the relief we are hoping for. Since he is stable, eating and wagging, there isn't any reason his condition shouldn't improve on his own.

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