Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Half way!

It has occurred to me, that I have been using a lot of exclamation points lately... Because I have just been so excited. We raised about $100 last night, which puts me just over half way to my goal of $3000. I will be back again next week, DJing for Floyd.. It really was a lot of fun.

I can't believe how swamped I have been, and am having a hard time keeping up on emails, so I really am sorry if it takes me awhile to get back to you.. I am trying my bestest, though! But it's nice knowing I am so busy, because so many people want to help.

I was creepin' on my friend's blog today.. and stumbled upon:

It's her boyfriend spooning my dog! She often looks after Floyd when I am out of town, but she had never shown me this pic, before. Precious. And now I will have to add dry cleaning to my list of bills, since Floyd is full of COOTiES.

Floyd took his first 2 deep breaths yesterday, and I swear you'd have thought my child had taken it's first 2 steps or something, the way I was bouncing off the walls. He almost started snoring instead of wheezing last night too, so I have been pretty thrilled. I think we could be almost out of the woods, with my real life frankenweenie!

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