Monday, April 5, 2010

there needs to be more than 24 hrs in a day

i have been so busy lately, i have hardly noticed the days slipping by. i have finished training for my new job, and have been tattooing day and night, trying to get all these floyd supporters inked! i actually just have a few minutes between appointments right now, and should be drawing.. but i think i have been neglecting this blog for a bit too long!

in floyd related news, hes been a bit of a terror lately. it started a few days ago when we noticed doggy foot prints all over the coffee table (and as i type this, he's attempting to get up on it again!)... the next day, i look over to see a very stealthy floyd, standing atop the middle of the table. and then this morning, we witness him standing in the centre of the patio table! cuca and tchandro have been away for the weekend, so i wonder if he's just testing his limits. however, i will say when we went on a long walk yesterday, he was very very well behaved. we even stopped for a snack, and he lay at our feet the entire time, not even moving (tho you could see him fighting his will power) when another dog walked by.

last week, floyd was in dire need of a bath.. and he was none too happy about it. my first job, at the ripe old age of 14, was as an assistant dog groomer.. but that doesn;t mean expelling anal glands is mine or floyd's favourite thing.
as soon as i closed the bathroom door... floyd knew what was happening....

poor monkey. he's always very good in the tub, tho.. as much as he hates it.

floyd likes doing a little song and dance whenever he gets out of the tub, that i will absolutely have to catch on video some time.. he never seems as happy as he is, right after he know his bath is over. after running around like an idiot, he passed right out.

my art show/auction for Skate4Cancer is all in full force production mode for this summer. all the skate decks have been sent out, and i am working on info packages for the artists and public. i am very, very, very excited for the show. the participating artists are all phenomenal, and i am truly honoured they have all agreed to participate! if you would like more info, for now you can visit:

i am now booking appointments for may. i understand a lot of people have yet to be rescheduled, and i promise i will get to you! but if you are getting anxious, please just give me a call or shoot me an email to

as i have so many clients, i will still be offering discounts while i am at the shop, and again, i am happy to give you a gift certificate to come visit me at Studio West

here is all the info again:

f you already have an appointment with me, I will do my best to get you rescheduled asap! If you have yet to hear from me, please call 514 625 7709 or email me at PLEASE DONT MSG ME ON FACEBOOK! As facebook will only let me reply to so many emails a day, before it locks me out for spamming.

However, if you currently do not have an appointment and are still looking to get tattooed by me, you will have 1 of 2 options:

1) Book an appointment with me at my shop, Studio Tatouage West at the corner of Boul. St Laurent and Roy. ( ) If you would like to do so, send me an email ( ) and I will email you a coupon for $20 off your tattoo. If you refer a friend who books an appointment, I will instead give you a coupon for $25 off of my hourly rate. I have been incredibly overwhelmed by the support I have gotten from people wanting to help Floyd and I, so I figure it is the least I can do... to try and help as many people as I can get tattooed.

2) I will have very very very few times available during April, between the hours of 11am and 3pm. You can still get tattooed in my home, at a rate of $65/hr ( almost half my regular hourly rate ). However, I do not expect these spots to last, so your best bet is to contact me for an appointment at my shop.

Also, if you have already been tattooed by me during this fundraiser, and would like to again at my shop, please let me know and I will be happy to give you $25 off my hourly as a thank you.

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